Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Naturally Color/lighten your Hair!!!

How to Naturally Color/lighten your Hair!!! Video Clips. Duration : 2.72 Mins.

Please read below for ANSWERS to FAQ's =) See a lil clip of how I color my "Real" hair with this mixture here: (5:43 Mark) 1) Is it safe for relaxed hair or any hair type? Yes, I am relaxed. I have done this so MANY times! its's safe, at least for my hair it is! 2) Do I need honey? No 3) If I don't need honey then why use it? Yes you really don't NEED it. That is, the hair will still lighten without it. HOWEVER, it helps lighten it up a bit more & adds a bit of moisture back into the hair. 4) Do I need peroxide? YES! This is what actually lightens the hair! 5) Where can I buy the hydrogen Peroxide? Walmart, Target, walgreens etc... 6) Is this permanent or semi-permanent / wash out? Permanent...until your hair grows out ofcourse! 7) I just dyed my hair, Can I still use this mixture and Will it work? it depends on the dye you used. To be sure, do a "test strand" 8) My hair is so & so color. After this application, what color will my hair be? Do a "test strand" That is, make a lil mixture to apply to a bitty section of your hair. 9) How long should I leave it on? 20-30min 10) Naturally color hair? Hydrogen Peroxide is not natural...How is this natural? Well here is the way I personally look at it. Hydrogen peroxide is in most, if not ALL whitening tooth pastes. We cook with baking soda & honey. so yeah I say its natural, if not....close to natural lol =) 11) Why does my hair feel dry afterwards? ***BE SURE TO DEEP CONDITION WITH A "MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER ...

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